Token Standards

Token Standards on Slice Ledger Chain
A token in every blockchain ecosystem function as the central element of a new economy and ecosystem. The standard of a particular token defines a set of rules that governs its utility and issuance. SRC tokens (Slice Request for Comments), which is a technical standard used for smart contracts, such as SRC20, SRC721 on the SliceLedger are the example of token standards.

Token standards on SliceLedger Chain

SliceLedger chain introduces two types of token standards with its own unique function including SRC -20 and SRC -721. Both this token standards can be divided into separate categories as fungible tokens (SRC 20) and non-fungible tokens (SRC 721).
Fungible tokens are all equal, divisible and interchangeable. It all can be divided into smaller token units such as 0.1 SLICE , 0.002 SLICE . Whereas non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all distinct and non-divisible. Thus it could represent a unique asset, like a certificate or a collectible in-game item.