Bouquet NFT Collection

Bouquet collection is a collection of 10,000 exclusive NFT collectibles that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain. The traits are programmatically assigned but manually drawn giving each artwork a distinct identity and lending added value to the Bouquet Collection community.
Your Bouquet collection doubles as your collection membership, unlocks exclusive perks, and grants you preferential access to events that celebrate the spirited nature of our community.


Bouquet minting will begin to fall towards the second week of July 2022, with prices starting at 0.005 ETH. User can mint minimum of 1 and maximum of 10 NFT at a time. We have used ERC721A to save the gas fees of the users while minting multiple NFT's at a time.


No one. Each NFT is uniquely hand-drawn and programmatically generated. We've created 60 unique traits – including Wrapper, 10 different Petals, background, ribbon, bouquet, color, to ensure that each piece is a distinct work of art.
The supply of each NFT varies. All Bouquet collections are stored as ERC-721 A tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. To access members-only areas, Bouquet collection holders must sign into their Metamask Wallet.